Are Your Customers and/or Visitors Receiving Threat Attack Messages From Your Website?

Blackhole Exploit Kit is a Webthreat that is spreading. It is currently ranked 1 in the world for online threats. Blackhole Exploit Kit has been detected by AVG on victims’ machines in 223 countries during the last month. There are currently 63143 websites in 136 countries that host Blackhole Exploit Kit.

Website owners all over the world are hearing from their clients that their webiste is ‘attacking’ their cutomer’s computers. That is, customer’s anti-virus software gives them a warning that the website they’re trying to load is an attack site and they should not visit the site.


What Is The BlackHole Exploit Kit?

A type of crimeware Web application developed in Russia to help hackers take advantage of unpatched exploits in order to hack computers via malicious scripts planted on compromised websites. Unsuspecting users visiting these compromised sites would be redirected to a browser vulnerability-exploiting malware portal website in order to distribute banking Trojans or similar malware through the visiting computer.

get rid of Black Hole Exploit on your websiteBlackhole exploit kits are based on PHP and a MySQL backend and incorporate support for exploiting the most widely used and vulnerable security flaws in order to provide hackers with the highest probability of successful exploitation. The kits typically target versions of the Windows operating system and applications installed on Windows platforms.

The first Blackhole exploit kit appeared on the black market in August 2010 as a Web application available for sale on a subscription basis ($1,500 for an annual license). Newer releases and a free version of the Blackhole exploit kit have since appeared on warez download sites. The most well-known Blackhole exploit kit attack targeted the U.S. Postal Service’s Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS) website in April 2011.

clean attack site warning avg

How can I remove Blackhole Exploit Kit?

Securi is an inexpensive membership that will scan your website every 3 or 6 hours, detect any threats and remove them manually if necessary. I use this service myself for all of my websites and my client’s websites too. I had one of the worst weeks ever for a web designer when a number of my client’s websites were being slammed by mysterious issues ranging from redirects to Russian websites, and a variety of crimeware threats reported from their users anti-virus programs.